UPSTREAMSURFING redefines urban surfing. Clean and free energy,
almost unlimited and anytime available. Before or as an after work
activity, integrate surfing into your daily life, spend quality time
together with friends living the passion of surfing.
Don't wait until the next summer holiday.
Don't spend money on overloaded surfing facilities,
be flexible use the system of UPSTREAMSURFING anytime


UPSTREAMSURFING! Using the natural power of a river,
the system enables you to enjoy surfing together with your friends.
The idea is to divert a river's flow by a pulley and an
underwater sail to accelerate the surfer. And this is how it works:

The system consists out of three parts a sail, a pulley and a rope
connecting the surfer and the sail and requires minimum
two persons. The pulley needs to be attached to a fix point (e.g. a bridge).
Once in the water, the surfer drift's downstream and the sail
on the other end of the rope gets dragged upstream towards the pulley.
Since the sail floats on the river's surface due to air pockets on it's one end,
a certain resistance against the river's flow gets build once
the second person steps on the other end of the sail (no air pockets)
and pushes it against the river's current.
Now the surfer accelerates and is able to surf,
since the current pushes the underwater sail downstream
and the pulley diverts the river's energy.

Simon Ra Garben

Bachwiesenstraße 119
CH-8047 Zurich

+41 78 955 75 50